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Brain Shots: Summer of Unrest

Launched on 28th July, the Brain Shots: Summer of Unrest ebook series: six 10,000 word pieces of long-form journalism and commentary. BRAIN SHOTS is the pre-eminent source for high quality digital non-fiction. The Summer of Unrest series brings together stellar writers to explore the issues surrounding the austerity measures in the UK, uprisings in the Middle East and the nature of the protest movements springing up all over the world.

REVOLUTION ROAD by Peter Beaumont is a potent mix of reportage from the ground in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya during the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings and a wider consideration of what constitutes a ‘revolutionary’ movement. Beaumont is Foreign Affairs Editor at the Observer and has reported extensively from conflict zones and countries ruled by authoritarian regimes that promise ’reform’ which proves ultimately impossible to deliver.

ACTIVISM OR SLACKTIVISM by Tom Chatfield (author of FUN INC.) is an investigation of the role of the internet and social networking in the student protests in the UK and the uprisings in North Africa earlier this year and asks how these tools are changing our political culture.

KETTLED YOUTH by Dan Hancox, a freelance writer for the Guardian and New Statesman amongst others, begins in the tumult of the Westminster Bridge Kettle at the end of the day of the student fees vote and goes on to examine a world in which our fates are no longer governed by elected representatives but abstract finance and government cuts, and in which a new generation must create a new future.

THE DEBT DELUSION by Mehdi Hasan takes on the coalition’s economic policies in a timely and honed polemical piece. Hasan is Senior Politics Editor at the New Statesman and takes apart what he sees as ten economic myths propagated by the government. He asks if the programme of austerity is necessary and whether its roots might actually extend beyond the global economic crash in 2008.

TAHRIR by Nariman Youssef. In one of the first personal long-form accounts about the Egyptian revolution by a woman, Nariman Youssef conjures a vivid picture of her experiences during this year’s Egyptian riots, placing the reader alongside her in Tahrir Square by evoking the growing energies of revolution. But can these astounding moments of unity against the oppressor be called a revolution? She questions how fruitful the efforts of the rioters were when, in spite of Mubarak’s stepping down, Egypt’s problems remain unsolved, or are replaced. A stark insight into a faction of the Arab Spring, this Brain Shot is undeniably moving and painfully recent.

GENERATION VEXED by Kieran Yates and Nikesh Shukla is the first long-form account of the recent London Riots. It scrutinises the reportage generated from the riots, and how youth culture today by and large becomes denigrated by a modern media comprised of mistaken conclusions and ill-gotten arguments. This topical piece includes analysis of whether young people are deliberately conforming to the stereotype of ‘feral youth’ foisted upon them, and points instead to the creativity and entrepreneurialism that are defining a supposedly 'lost' generation.

Available to read on all digital devices, these ebooks are aimed at engaged thinkers of all ages who want to stimulate their mind.

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