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The Cry of the Go-Away Bird

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Published by Vintage Digital, part of Vintage Publishing

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EAN: 9781409041177
Published: 2 Feb 2014


About the book


Elise loves the farm that is her home. There is always tea in the silver teapot, gin and tonics are served on the veranda and her days are spent listening to stories of spirits and charms told by her nanny, Beauty. As a young white girl growing up in Zimbabwe, her life is idyllic.

However, this dream-world of her childhood cannot last. As Elise gets older, her eyes are opened to the complexities of adult life, both through the arrival of her step-father, and through her growing understanding of the tensions in Zimbabwean society. As the privileged existence of the white farmers begins to crumble into anarchy and farm invasions begin, Elise is forced to confront difficult choices and the ancient unforgiving ghosts of the past.

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What the critics say

This is a touching and assured debut... Eames is definitely one to watch

- Scotsman

Eames is a fluent and engaging writer and this debut novel signals real promise for her future
- Independent

A frank and unvarnished portrait of life behind the headlines, sharpened by details from the author's own Zimbabwean girlhood
- Daily Mail

Reminiscent of Harper Lee's To Kill A Mocking Bird
- BBC World Service

In this assured debut novel, Eames draws on her own interrupted childhood...to paint an authentic portrait of a nation on the edge
- Independent

About the Author

Andrea Eames was born in 1985. She was brought up in Zimbabwe, where she attended a Jewish school for six years, a Hindu school for one, a Catholic convent school for two and a half, and then the American International School in Harare for two years. She moved with her family to New Zealand when she was seventeen. Andrea has worked as a bookseller and editor and now lives in Austin, Texas with her husband. The Cry of the Go-Away Bird is her first novel.

Andrea Eames

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