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Summer of Unrest: Generation Vexed: What the English Riots Don't Tell Us About Our Nation's Youth

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EAN: 9781448114757
Published: 27 Oct 2011


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Summer of Unrest (Slight Return). For a few days at the start of August, England was gripped by the riots that erupted in its city centres. Although there were various motivations behind the trouble and a broad spectrum of ages and backgrounds involved, the front pages were emblazoned with images of hooded youths running amok and stories of the revenge of the feral underclass.

In this final part of the Brain Shots: Summer of Unrest series, Nikesh Shukla and Kieran Yates interrogate whether young people are deliberately conforming to a stereotype foisted upon them, and point instead to the creativity and entrepreneurialism that are defining a supposedly 'lost' generation.

An antidote to the broadsheet commentariat, this street-level view of the defining moment of the Summer of Unrest finds much to inspire hope and confidence for our future.

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About the Authors

Kieran Yates is one of the leading young journalists writing on music and politics. Based in London, she writes regularly for the Guardian, Independent, MTV, and Red Bull Music Academy, and has contributed to the likes of Dazed and Confused, RWD, The Times and many more. She works closely with young people as a journalism mentor, and as a consultant for major and independent record labels, brands, and events.

Nikesh Shukla is the author of the Costa First Novel Award-shortlisted novel, Coconut Unlimited ('...a riot of cringeworthy moments made real by Shukla's beautifully observed characters and talent for teen banter.' Metro) and the Channel 4 Comedy Lab Kabadasses, starring Jack Doolan, Josie Long and Shazad Latif. His writing has featured on BBC2, Radio 4, and BBC Asian Network. He has performed at Royal Festival Hall, Book Club Boutique, Soho Theatre, The Big Chill and Latitude. He likes Spider-man comics. A lot.

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