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Shadow Of A Hero

Peter Dickinson

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Published by Random House Children's Publishers UK

  • Epub

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EAN: 9781448172627
Published: 20 Dec 2012


About the book


Letta begins to take an interest in Varina, the tiny Balkan state where her parents grew up. But after the collapse of communism the nation calls for independence, and Letta's enthusiasm for her parent's culture leads her to discover just how fragile the nation really is.

A powerful and timely novel from the award-winning author of TULKU, EVA, A.K. and A BONE FROM A DRY SEA.

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What the critics say

The power, versatility, sheer professionalism of [Peter Dickinson's] new book are such as few writers, past or present, can hope to match. A great and eloquent story . . . relentlessly readable.
- The Junior Bookshelf

Beautifully told
- Times Educational Supplement

- The Guardian

About the Author

PETER DICKINSON has won numerous prizes for his books for young readers, including the Carnegie Medal (twice), the Guardian Award and the Whitbread Literary Award (again, twice). His previous titles include Tulku, City of Gold, and the Changes Trilogy.

Peter Dickinson

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