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Noble Conflict

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Published by Doubleday Childrens, part of Random House Children's Publishers UK

Format: Hardback


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EAN: 9780385610421
Published: 6 Jun 2013


About the book


Years after a violent war destroyed much of the world, Kaspar has grown up in a society based on peace and harmony. But beyond the city walls, a vicious band of rebels are plotting to tear this peace apart. It is up to the Guardians - an elite peacekeeping force - to protect the city, without ever resorting to the brutal methods of their enemy.

When Kaspar joins the Guardians, he has a chance encounter with a rebel - a beautiful girl named Rhea. Haunted from that moment on by strange visions and memories - memories that could only belong to Rhea - he realises he hasn't been told the truth about what the rebels really want, and what he's really fighting for.

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What the critics say

As ever, for Blackman, story is king. The dialogue is vivid, inclusive, full of energy and ribald humour . . . her legions of fans have a treat in store
- Guardian

A tense plot, convincing world and sassy dialogue demonstrate exceptional storytelling skill
- Sunday Times

Blackman is a terrific storyteller whose strongly drawn characters thrill young readers and draw them into dilemmas about love, loyalty, truth and violence
- The Times

Expertly plotted and well-paced, Noble Conflict also touches on telepathy and the ability to turn memory into reality
- Independent

Malorie's back with a new novel exploring love, violence, trust and betrayal . . . highly anticipated
- The Bookseller

Terrorism and morality are tricky issues to cover in a book aimed at adults, never mind a YA one, but Malorie Blackman has never been afraid of tackling difficult themes . . . Thoughtful as well as action-packed

I love the way Malorie Blackman writes . . . Her plotting is second to none . . . As I hoped, Noble Conflict is gripping and powerful with a clever subtlety underlying the action. Characters you believe in. A strong morality and an acknowledgement that life is full of Catch-22s. What more could you want?
- The Bookbag

A brilliant book which I quite literally could not stop reading
- The Bookseller

Another gripping, thought-provoking read...The essence of war and weaponry, corruption and control is explored making this a pertinent read, and one that resonates in today’s society
- The Bookseller

Noble Conflict is a very enjoyable piece of literature. Whilst it must have been very tempting to draw from other dystopian fiction and cinema, Blackman instead draws more from taking the idea of terrorism and exploring how it might actually evolve in the future. This set up allows for a very interesting cat and mouse narrative . . . A very entertaining book; it takes a very relevant topic and, with a strong narrative and lead character, allows the reader to question the arguments of each side and judge who the real villains are
- Starburst

A powerful story
- Big Issue

The new UK Children's Laureate, Malorie Blackman, doesn't disappoint with her teen novel . . . a powerful examination of war, loyalty and love
- Irish Independent

A satisfying meld of fantasy and reality which will absorb readers of either sex
- Carousel

A thrilling, powerful, page-turning story of love, violence and betrayal, that will stay with teen readers long after they finish it
- Mumsnet

A thought-provoking novel which makes us all think about what we accept and what we really want. It doesn't pull any punches but there are touches of humour to lighten the story
- Parents in Touch

A gripping dystopian thriller, Noble Conflict follows in the tradition of Blackman's groundbreaking Noughts and Crosses series. Exciting, action-packed and suspenseful, it is also deeply thought-provoking, raising a whole host of challenging questions that seem particularly appropriate to our times . . . this smart, compelling stand-out novel is undoubtedly a must read
- Booktrust

There’s lots of detective work, computer hacking, a fledgling love affair and dizzyingly paced action in this contemporary study of state manipulation
- Daily Mail

A fantastic book that had me gripped . . . Malorie doesn't just write great stories, she also writes characters that can tell those stories with a real heart in them . . . Noble Conflict is just as much a thriller of the mind as well as making your heart race
- sisterspooky.co.uk

About the Author

MALORIE BLACKMAN has written over sixty books and is acknowledged as one of today’s most imaginative and convincing writers for young readers. She has been awarded numerous prizes for her work, including the Red House Children’s Book Award and the Fantastic Fiction Award. Malorie has also been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. In 2005 she was honoured with the Eleanor Farjeon Award in recognition of her contribution to children’s books, and in 2008 she received an OBE for her services to children’s literature. She has been described by The Times as ‘a national treasure’. Malorie Blackman was the Children’s Laureate 2013–15.

Malorie Blackman

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