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No Off Switch

Andy Kershaw

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Published by Virgin Books, part of Ebury Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780753541074
Published: 4 Oct 2012


About the book


‘Sensational. Wildly hilarious. An amazing read’ Stephen Fry

‘Andy Kershaw is a compulsive truth-teller and he does it with verve, wit and passion. He is one of the few truly original voices in broadcasting and his book is already a classic’ – Fergal Keane

Andy Kershaw truly has no off switch. As a teenager he was promoting major rock gigs. He was Billy Bragg's driver and roadie one day and presenting Whistle Test and Live Aid the next. A passionate music enthusiast, he is a man with an obsessive curiosity about the world. Over a twenty-five year career, he has worked for the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen, shared an office with John Peel and amassed a record collection that weighs seven tons. He has won more Sony Radio awards than any other broadcaster. He has visited 97 countries and as a foreign correspondent, filed numerous reports for Radio 4. He was also one of the few journalists present during the Rwanda genocide.

The past few years have seen him go through a turbulent time in his personal life, but he has put this behind him, written his story and returned to the airwaves fronting the BBC's Music Planet series.

Rebel. Maverick. Music fanatic. Andy Kershaw shares the story of his life with candour, insight, immediacy and incredible humour.

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Just Astonishing

Rainer Maria Rilke once wrote:

"Surely all art is the result of one's having been in danger, of having gone through an experience all the way to the end, where no one can go any further."

I was reminded of this quote whilst reading "No Off Switch", for Andy's life is most definitely a life lived to fullest and the resulting tale - delivered in an engaging & entertaining style - certainly makes it a classic of the autobiography genre. In an age where so many bland, vain autobiographies are churned out by uninspired ghost writers about hideous, self-obsessed 5 minute "celebrities", this is not so much a breath of fresh air as a blast of howling hurricane! From the barely believable encounters with the most unlikely of characters, to the soundtrack of several generations that plays in your head whilst reading, all delivered with hilarious candour & energy one feels a sense of camaraderie & kinship with Andy. Buy this book & often, for everyone for all occasions. No one will be disappointed. It is, simply put, ace!
Posted by isolde
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Andy Kershaw - No Off Switch

Although I have yet to finish this book, I can thoroughly recommend it. It is a humorous, crisply written account of an extraordinary parade of talent that passed before the equally talented author's eyes. And I can't read it without hearing his voice and accent in my head!
Posted by Mr Jim Breeds
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No Off Switch - No punches pulled!

Last October, I watched Andy Kershaw appear on stage at the Ilkley Literature Festival – his first event to promote this book. He was simply brilliant – passionate, opinionated, funny and friendly.

All of that, and a lot more, comes out in the book. From his childhood, ‘our Elizabeth’ (his sister Liz Kershaw), Old Grey Whistle Test, Live Aid (his first live outside broadcast), the introduction of World Music to the…world, on the spot reporting for the Today program from Rwanda during the Genocide, visits to North Korea, sharing an office with John Walters and John Peel, working for the Rolling Stones and Billy Bragg, completing his A Level economics exam in an hour to rush off to Earls Court to see Bob Dylan – ‘He was terrible…’ and more – much more!

How he's managed to fit everything into one book (his reply to the interviewer comment that there was enough to fill two books – ‘I'm not writing another one!’) I’m not sure!

As you read, it's almost like Andy's chatting in your head – this is one book which cries out for an audio version, read by Andy (It's out now, by the way - and it's equally brilliant). Recommended!
Posted by Mr Adrian Thompson
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About the Author

Andy Kershaw was born in Rochdale in 1959. He presented The Whistle Test and Live Aid for the BBC and for most of the past twenty-five years has had a weekly radio show. He is also a serious foreign correspondent, having filed reports for From Our Own Correspondent and for the Observer, Telegraph and Independent. This year he returned to presenting with Radio 3's Music Planet series. You can visit his website at www.andykershaw.co.uk.

Andy Kershaw

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