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Murder Machine

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Published by Ebury Press, part of Ebury Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780091941123
Published: 17 Jan 2013


About the book


Meet the DeMeo gang - the most deadly killers the Mafia has ever known.

They were a small-time Brooklyn corner crew who, headed by the notorious Roy DeMeo, became the hitmen of choice for the Gambino family. Killing for profit and pleasure, they were ultimately feared by everyone – even the Mafia bosses they worked for.

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What the critics say

A masterpiece of of true-crime reporting
- Publisher's Weekly

The best mob book in recent history
- Kirkus Review

A murderous crew that every wisequy in New York was afraid of... compelling and authoritative
- Goodfellas

A cross between The Godfather and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- New York Newsday

You'll be ducking for cover on every page
- New York Post

About the Authors

Gene Mustain and Jerry Capeci are reporters for the New York Daily News and are respected experts on the subject of organised crime. Their first book, Mob Star, received outstanding critical acclaim and became a bestseller. Both authors live in New York City.

Gene Mustain

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Jerry Capeci

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