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London for Lovers

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Published by Square Peg, part of Vintage Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780224095525
Published: 24 Jan 2013


About the book


Forget Paris – London is the city for lovers.

London for Lovers navigates the changing face of the Capital, with all of its secrets and surprises, mapping out romantic dates full of originality, spontaneity, and adventure, allowing you to concentrate on the main event – each other.

Whether your idea of a blissful date is walking with dinosaurs in Crystal Palace or star-gazing in Greenwich Park, sniffing out the best street eats in Maltby Street or unearthing Gothic romance in Highgate Cemetery - there are ideas here to suit every mood, every season and every budget.

There are suggested routes for quiet days of romance in Leafy London - from Hampstead Heath and Kensington Gardens, to Isabella Plantation and St James Park, taking in some secret gardens on the way. Or for the night owls, Late Night London - from the Seven Noses of Soho to the streets of Shoreditch, from Dalston's hippest bars to Exmouth Market's Cafe Kick. And then there's Lost London, Last Minute London, Lazy London and Learned London, as well as Live and Left-field London.

For first dates and soul mates, long term Londoners or just visiting, this book freewheels through London to find you a few hours that could change everything.

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What the critics say

The authors have packed a vast trove of fact and lore, of hot tips (free tango “taster” lessons in Spitalfields) and even hotter tip-offs (antique fetish gear in Covent Garden). This is London, but perhaps not as you know it.
- Sunday Times

Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2013, here’s a guide to romantic London. And if you’ve ever wanted a cheat sheet for arranging dates in the capital, this is it
- Londonist

About the Authors

Sam Hodges and Sophie Vickers are Londoners working in film and theatre.

Sam Hodges

More about Sam Hodges

Sophie Vickers

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