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French Revolutions: Cycling the Tour de France (Yellow Jersey Cycling Classics)

Tim Moore

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Published by Yellow Jersey, part of Vintage Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780224092388
Published: 1 May 2014


About the book


Battling it out with the old men on butchers' bikes across the plains of Aquitaine and pursued by cattle over Europe's second highest road, Moore soon finds himself resorting to narcotic assistance, systematic overeating and waxed legs before summoning a support vehicle staffed by cruelly sceptical family and friends. Accounts of his suffering and chicanery, and those encountered in the race's epic history, are interwoven through a look at rural France busy tarting itself up for those 15 seconds of fame as the Tour careers through at 50kph. An heroic depiction of an inadequate man's attempt to achieve the unachievable, Moore's Tour is a tale of calorific excess, ludicrous clothing and intimate discomfort.

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What the critics say

One of the funniest books about sport ever written
- Sunday Times

Moore is a talented and funny writer, who, through a combination of slapstick, absurd simile and a healthy suspicion of French civilisation, gives us something to laugh at on every page
- Daily Telegraph

Embarrassingly laugh-out-loud
- Daily Express

Moore's floundering attempts to emulate the Herculean feats of his cycling heroes unfold with eyewetting hilarity
- The Times

Moore unleashes a high-energy torrent of astute observation and hilarious self-deprecation. Hailed a the new Bill Bryson, he is in fact a writer of considerably more substance... The jokes come thick and fast
- Irish Times

Bill Bryson on two wheels... A one-liner every other line...not so much witty travelogue as self-examination in a joke-heavy trial by fire
- Independent

Moore skilfully interweaves laugh-out-loud set pieces with anecdotes from the Tour's history...a great summer read. Very, very funny
- Scotland on Sunday

This hilarious account is laden with anecdotes, all conveyed in joyous style
- Literary Review

About the Author

His sporting career cut short by rumour and innuendo, Tim Moore now writers for the Sunday Times, the Observer, the Financial Times and Esquire. He lives quietly with his wife and three children in West London, entertaining them with nightly recitations of the critical praise lavished on his first book, Frost on My Moustache. His new book, Do Not Pass Go is due to be published in October 2003.

Tim Moore

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