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Fodor's Las Vegas 2013

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Published by Fodor, part of Ebury Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780876371213
Published: 20 Dec 2012


About the book


Sin City is back! Las Vegas recently received the second highest number of visitors in its history, and Fodor’s writers have been on the scene, uncovering the hottest trends in dining, lodging, nightlife, and more, both on and off the Strip.

Vegas's top resorts are broken down at a glance, complete with floor-plan maps that locate the best restaurants, clubs, and shops. A compact, easy-to-use pullout map with great walks, key attractions, and nearby dining helps you explore the Strip and beyond with confidence. Best-bets charts for hotels, restaurants, and casinos help you quickly decide where to eat, stay, and play. Travel advice on regional natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon and Death Valley give you the information you need to know to plan a spectacular side trip.

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