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Dinosaur Roar!: Playbox

Henrietta Stickland

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Published by Corgi, part of Random House Children's Publishers UK

Illustrated by Paul Stickland

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780552569361
Published: 27 Mar 2014


About the book


Dinosaur fast, dinosaur slow, Dinosaur ROAR... and away we go!

A brand new 20th anniversary edition of this multi-million selling dinosaur classic that combines an infectiously rhythmic text with lovable, colourful dinosaurs to explore opposites.

Published in association with the Natural History Museum, this classic picture book is the perfect introduction to dinosaurs for every young child.

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What the critics say

It’s the 20th anniversary of Dinosaur Roar, the picture-book giant for small children which has been reissued for the occasion. “Dinosaur sweet, dinosaur grumpy, dinosaur spiky, dinosaur lumpy” — it still puts a lump in your throat. In a handful of words and 24 pages of fabulous drawings, the authors convey a crucial message to small kids and big ones: different folks can get along, and even eat tea together without fighting. They should have handed it out at the peace talks in Geneva. With its satisfying onomatopoeia and scope for silly voices, it’s one of my favourite books ever to read out loud
- The Times

The infectious rhythm of the bold rhyming text will have every child roaring for more!
- Child Education

About the Author

Henrietta Stickland (Author)
Henrietta Stickland has been creating children’s books for over thirty years. When she is not doing this, she can be found running around after her collection of animals and her four sons, who inspire much of her work!

Paul Stickland (Illustrator)
Paul Stickland is the author, illustrator and pop up designer of many very popular children's books. He is the creator of over 50 books, including Dinosaur Roar!, Ten Terrible Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Galore, The Christmas Bear, One Bear One Dog, A Number of Dinosaurs, Swamp Stomp, Truck Jam, Big Dig, Big Bug Little Bug and many more.

Henrietta Stickland

More about Henrietta Stickland

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