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DFC Library: Vern & Lettuce

Sarah McIntyre

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Published by David Fickling Books, part of Random House Children's Publishers UK

Format: Hardback


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EAN: 9780385619073
Published: 30 Sep 2010


About the book


Welcome to Pickle Rye, home of best friends Lettuce the rabbit and Vern the sheep. Join them for baking, birthdays, bunny-sitting and a quest for fame in the big city!

Vern and Lettuce reach for the stars, but danger is lurking just beneath their feet...

Furry escapades from the DFC Library.

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What the critics say

It's all very charming without ever going anywhere near twee
- The Solitary Bee

A great introduction to comics for young readers. The style is clear and easy to follow for those not used to comic format, and the humorous stories will entertain the young readers and have them hooked
- Library Mice

Unlike some books in this genre, the appeal of this book is not purely aesthetic as Sarah McIntyre also possesses a great deal of skill with words; her chuckle-inducing writing fits the images perfectly and makes this a book that will put a smile on the face of all its readers, from young children to grumpy old men and women
- Book Zone for Boys

Enough twists and turns to keep adults interested. Writer/artist Sarah McIntyre has created a witty and delightful series-the stories engaging and cute without being saccharine and the artwork clear and appealing-that's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face
- Bear Alley

This simple and delightful story of best friends Vern the sheep and Lettuce the rabbit is perhaps the DFC title that will most inspire readers to get drawing. Sarah McIntyre's style is easy for readers to copy and the story is simply told, with a balance of heart-warming moments and well-timed gags
- Armadillo Magazine

Another in the DFC series, Vern and Lettuce by Sarah McIntyre follows the slightly less frantic though utterly charming weekly exploits of a sheep and a rabbit whose neighbourhood of Pickle Rye Park and surrounding landmarks might just be familiar to you. Picture herbivorous Del Boy and Rodders, with cute ears
- Families Magazine

The stories are all quite simple but the genius lies in the way they are presented in gentle comic strip format. Read very carefully to ensure you enjoy all the gentle puns, which are a wonderful feature of this book. Children who have followed the adventures in the weekly comic will be thrilled to have this big collection of stories. A wonderful gentle comic strip which has appeal for all ages
- Parents In Touch

Sarah McIntyre art is full of life. The characters are all wonderfully drawn, simple yet memorable. The is a great sense of movement as you read the story. It feels like you are looking at an animation at times. The colours used in the book are really rich and a depth to the art...Vern and Lettuce remind me a little bit of Wallace and Gromit. Sarah McIntyre has put together a charming book. It's an all age book but I think no matter what age you are, you will enjoy it.
- Comic Buzz

A delightfully good-natured collection of one-page gag strips . . . Vern & Lettuce is, without a doubt, the comic book equivalent of the 'feelgood movie'
- Broken Frontier

That’s the hallmark of McIntyre’s clever and funny book. It’s full of some gorgeous wordplay that appeals both to the adult and child. And I loved the calmness of the artwork. It’s sort of Cath Kidston meets the WI meets Aardman Animation.
- didyoueverstoptothink.wordpress

If you’ve not discovered the utter, and continual, joys of the DFC Library then now’s the time to do so. Every title I’ve picked up from their imprint has been uniformly outstanding – and I’m so pleased that Sarah McIntyre’s ‘Vern and Lettuce’ compilation is another one to add to that list.
- didyoueverstoptothink.wordpress

About the Author

Sarah McIntyre was born in Seattle. She studied Russian literature and art history at Bryn Mawr College, then earned a distinction while doing her master's degree in Illustration at Camberwell College of the Arts in London. She brings her love of travel and adventure to her work, and loves the thrill of being a perpetual tourist in London, where she has lived since 1999.

Sarah McIntyre

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