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Da Vinci's Last Commission: The Most Sensational Detective Story in the History of Art

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Published by Mainstream Publishing, part of Mainstream

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EAN: 9781780571508
Published: 16 Aug 2014


About the book


Imagine you have an old painting, a Madonna and Child, that has been in your family for years. It is beautiful, serene and spellbinding. It hangs on your wall and for a long time you take it for granted. But curiosity to know more about it gradually grows until it becomes irresistible.

You call in the experts. They get excited. What if that old family painting was thought to be by a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci – or even the great master himself? You start researching, communicating with academics and institutions all over the world. The results of your research are nothing short of astounding.

What would you do if that painting pointed to one of the greatest heresies of our time? And what if it revealed an incredible story that the Roman Catholic Church has been desperate to keep secret at all costs for centuries?

Da Vinci’s Last Commission by Fiona McLaren is one of the most astonishing detective stories in the history of art. It is also an account of the courage and tenacity of a woman who challenged the international art establishment, orthodox history and the Church in her quest for the truth.

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About the Author

Fiona McLaren worked as a nurse until leaving the profession in her late 20s to work in advertising and marketing. In the mid-1980s, she became passionate about environmental campaigning, which inspired her to pursue investigative research, writing and reporting. She relocated to southern France in the early 1990s, where she continued to work as a researcher for television.

Fiona McLaren

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