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Annoying The French Encore!

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Published by Cornerstone Publishing

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EAN: 9781448150250
Published: 16 Aug 2012


About the book



Bonjour cher reader,

Ever since European history began, we Brits have been happily engaged in our national pastime - annoying the French. And the past couple of years have shown that this annoying never stops. To give just three examples:

After a mid-Atlantic collision between French and British nuclear submarines, France's Minister of Defence seemed to blame the accident on ... shrimps.

When French political superstar Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested in New York, France's establishment was outraged. It soon emerged that sexual harassment was regarded as a basic human right by the country's male élite. (This theme provided so much excellent material that I decided to include it in the plot of my soon-to-be published novel, The Merde Factor.)

And when David Cameron walked out of a Eurosummit, a French politician accused him of being 'like a man at a wife-swapping party who refuses to bring his own wife.' Yes, a very French image, and it just one of the many anti-Anglais insults that came flying across the Channel.

You will find all this, and much more, in Annoying the French Encore! Because, for the French, the merde never ends.

Yours historically,

Stephen Clarke, Paris, August 2012

‘Tremendously entertaining’ Sunday Times
‘Relentlessly and energetically rude’ Mail on Sunday

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What the critics say

a tasty amuse-bouche
- The Observer

FOR A YEAR IN THE MERDE: Edgier than Bryson; hits harder than Mayle.
- The Times

FOR A YEAR IN THE MERDE: Must-have comedy-of-errors diary about being a Brit abroad.
- Mirror

FOR 1000 YEARS: Tremendously entertaining.
- Sunday Times

FOR 1000 YEARS: Relentlessly and energetically rude about almost every aspect of French history and culture
- Mail on Sunday

About the Author

Stephen Clarke lives in Paris, where he divides his time between writing and not writing. His first novel, A Year in the Merde, became a word-of-month hit in 2004, and is now published all over the world. Since then he has published three more bestselling Merde novels, as well as Talk to the Snail, an indispensable guide to understanding the French.

Research for Stephen's novels has taken him all over France and America. For 1000 Years of Annoying the French, he breathed the chill air of ruined castles and deserted battlefields, leafed through dusty chronicles, brushed up on the medieval French he studied at university and generally lost himself in the mists of history. He has now returned to present-day Paris, and is doing his best to live the Entente Cordiale.

Stephen Clarke

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