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A Bone From A Dry Sea

Peter Dickinson

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Published by Random House Children's Publishers UK

  • Epub

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EAN: 9781448172610
Published: 20 Dec 2012


About the book


One small body curled around the mass of sleepers. Different. Yes, I'm different . . .

Four million years ago, then, a young girl - Li - lives with her tribe along the shores of a mothering sea. But Li is different. A thinker, a questioner, her sense of wonder and intuition could help shape the future of her race.

In Africa, now, on the site of that very same plain - Vinny visits her father who is working as part of a team searching for fossil remains of our ancestors. Fascinated by the tiny fragments of bone that are painstakingly dug out of the ground, Vinny's curiosity helps lead the team towards a major discovery . . .

An enthralling and original tale from the award-winning author of Tulku.

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What the critics say

- Times Educational Supplement

The story swings naturally across the millenia, like a massive pendulum skilfully and magically uniting these two worlds. A highly original and absorbing read.
- Guardian

About the Author

PETER DICKINSON has won numerous prizes for his books for young readers, including the Carnegie Medal (twice), the Guardian Award and the Whitbread Literary Award (again, twice). His previous titles include Tulku, City of Gold, and the Changes Trilogy.

Peter Dickinson

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