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Kitchener's Last Volunteer: The Life of Henry Allingham, the Oldest Surviving Veteran of the Great War

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Published by Mainstream Publishing, part of Mainstream

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EAN: 9781907195297
Published: 4 Jun 2011


About the book


Henry Allingham is the last British serviceman alive to have volunteered for active duty in the First World War and is one of very few people who can directly recall the horror of that conflict. In Kitchener's Last Volunteer, he vividly recaptures how life was lived in the Edwardian era and how it was altered irrevocably by the slaughter of millions of men in the Great War, and by the subsequent coming of the modern age.

Henry is unique in that he saw action on land, sea and in the air with the British Naval Air Service. He was present at the Battle of Jutland in 1916 with the British Grand Fleet and went on to serve on the Western Front. He befriended several of the young pilots who would lose their lives, and he himself suffered the privations of the front line under fire.

In recent years, Henry was given the opportunity to tell his remarkable story to a wider audience through a BBC documentary, and he has since become a hero to many, meeting royalty and having many honours bestowed upon him.

This is the touching story of an ordinary man's extraordinary life - one who has outlived six monarchs and twenty-one prime ministers, and who represents a last link to a vital point in our nation's history.

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What the critics say

Allingham, one of the last living links to a terrible time in our nation's history, fills you with admiration and awe
- Daily Mail

Allingham tells his story simply, fluently and modestly, with Goodwin's commentary providing a useful historical background
- Daily Telegraph

[Allingham's] 'recollections are more striking for being so understated and unburnished
- The Times

A fascinating insight into how life has changed over the last 100 years
- News of the World

We can learn a lot from Henry Allingham: honour, respect, tradition, duty, bravery
- Navy News

About the Authors

Henry Allingham was born on 6 June 1896 in Clapton. He made regular public appearances to educate modern generations about the war until his death in July 2009 at the age of 113.

Dennis Goodwin is the founder of the World War One Veterans' Association. He was awarded an MBE in the 2009 Honours list.

Henry Allingham

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Dennis Goodwin

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