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The Rainmaker

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Published by Cornerstone Publishing

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EAN: 9781856864046
Published: 1 Jun 1995


About the book


Rudy Baylor's world collaspes when the law firm he was to join is taken over. Suddenly, just before his bar examination, he is without employment and up to his neck in debt. His whole future hinges on his only two prospective clients. One is an eccentric old lady who claims to have a twenty million dollar fortune and wants a new will drafted. The other is a case against an insurance company who have denied a claim involving a young man dying of leukaemia. Donny Ray Black might have been saved if Great Benefit had paid out months ago, but now he has no hope. But this case is only the tip of the iceberg: there are hundreds of similar claims all over the US. Soon Rudy finds himself facing the very legal firm whose takeover cost him his job, in a trial which threatens to blow the lid off one of the biggest cases of the biggest cases of corporate fraud in America history. He is one young man against a battery of million dollar lawyers, and his opponents will do anything to stop him.

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John Grisham

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