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100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Sport

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Published by Bodley Head, part of Vintage Publishing

Format: Hardback


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EAN: 9781847921642
Published: 15 Mar 2012


About the book


What can maths tell us about sports?

100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Sport sheds light on the mysteries of running, jumping, swimming and points scoring across the whole sporting spectrum. Whether you are a competitor striving to go faster or higher, or an armchair enthusiast wanting to understand more, this is a fascinating read with one hundred short pieces that range across a wide number of sports. Find out:

* Why high-jumpers use the Fosbury Flop,

* How fast Usain Bolt can ultimately run and how he could break his records without running any faster,

* Whether there is a limit to human performance,

* Who the strongest man or woman is, pound for pound,

* Why there are so many different scoring systems in sport,

* If a 100-kilogram mass weighs more in London than it does in Singapore,

* What the best strategy for taking football penalties is,

* What the effect of those banned skin-tight swimsuits are,

* Why golf balls are dimpled,

* And last, but not least, why does the bounce of a Superball seem to defy Newton's laws of motion.

Written for anyone interested in sport or simple maths, this book will enrich your understanding of sport and enliven your appreciation of maths.

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About the Author

John D. Barrow is Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Director of the Millennium Mathematics Project at Cambridge University, Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, a Fellow of the Royal Society, and the current Gresham Professor of Geometry at Gresham College, London. He is the bestselling author of 100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know.

John D. Barrow

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