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The Havana Mob: How the Mob Owned Cuba . . . and then Lost it to the Revolution

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Published by Mainstream Publishing, part of Mainstream

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9781845962234
Published: 4 Sep 2008


About the book


Throughout the 1950s, as the Cuban people laboured under a violently repressive regime, the Mob-financed revelry in Havana never stopped. Tourists from around the world flooded in to gamble, go to the racetrack, see an elaborate floorshow at the Tropicana and perhaps partake in the sexual activities that flourished on the fringe of the most colourful nightlife scene of the twentieth century.

It may have seemed like fun and games, but for the Havana Mob it was a serious business. Led by Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano - and with the full compliance of President Fulgencio Batista - the Mob set out to create a financial empire that would rival the 'glory days' of Prohibition in the US.

For a time, the plan seemed to be a runaway success, but they were sowing the seeds of their own demise. Behind the scenes, Fidel Castro was building opposition to what he portrayed as the debauchery and corruption of capitalism run amok in Havana - the result was revolution.

The Havana Mob captures a unique and exotic chapter not only in the history of organised crime but also in the history of the United States, and the story is told through interviews and the first-hand accounts.

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What the critics say

All the razzle-dazzle is here - Sinatra, the black sedans, the showgirls - but English goes further, to show how gangsterismo permeated the politics of Cuba and influenced its destiny (*****)
- The Scotsman

English describes each parallel strand of this story in the pacey style of a crime thriller, but with the meticulous research of an investigative journalist
- Morning Star

About the Author

T.J. English is a noted journalist, author and screenwriter.

T.J. English

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