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Holly Starcross

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Published by Andersen, part of Andersen

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9781842709306
Published: 2 Jul 2009


About the book


Holly's world came apart when she was six, when her mother took her, and ran away from her father and his farm. From that day on she has had no contact with him, and can barely remember him. But eight years later, with a new family around her, she feels very alone and longs for that half-remembered life. She is starting to question who she really is, and then a stranger appears...

This is an absorbing and moving book about identity, fatherhood and family.

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What the critics say

Holly Starcross is a beautiful, moving story with characters to believe in and a sense of the uniqueness of every human life.

This novel is beautifully written in a gentle yet compelling style and will have the reader asking all sorts of questions about what is important in life.
- Carousel

About the Author

Berlie Doherty was born in Liverpool and writes for adults and children. Her first book, HOW GREEN YOU ARE! was published in 1982 and she has been a full-time, compulsive writer of novels, stories, poems and plays since then. She has written over forty books. In 2002 Berlie Doherty was awarded an honorary doctorate at the University of Derby for excellence in her field. She lives in Edale in the Peak District, where she spends her spare time walking, day-dreaming, and struggling to learn piano, violin and tin whistle.

Berlie Doherty

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