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Poker Nation: A High-Stakes, Low-Life Adventure into the Heart of a Gambling Country

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Published by Vintage Digital, part of Vintage Publishing

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EAN: 9781448114795
Published: 4 Sep 2005


About the book


Andy Bellin is a pretty good poker player. Over the ten years he's been playing semi-pro, millions of dollars have passed through his hands. He's the kind of guy who can walk away from the table $5000 up. He's also the kind of guy who can drop $9000 - on a single hand. On his way to a master's in astrophysics, Andy Bellin made the fatal mistake of falling in love with poker. Too many years down the line, he's resurfaced from a life spent in high-rolling casinos and low-rent dives to tell us the tale. Part memoir, part expos-, Poker Nation is a mesmerising journey through the ups and downs of being a gambler, a trip to a world where the only thing 'weirder than a poker player is the guy sitting next to him'. -At once a witty history of the world's most popular card game, a how-to manual that really will make you a better player, and the story of one man's obsession, Poker Nation will leave you sharper, wiser, and maybe even a little richer.

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What the critics say

Smart, insightful. It's one of the few entertaining poker books around.
- Las Vegas Boulevard

The royal flush of poker books.
- Sports Books of the Year, The Times

About the Author

Andy Bellin is an editor at The Paris Review. He lives in New York City, where he can be found playing poker at least five nights a week.

Andy Bellin

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