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All is Fair... (A Loveswept Contemporary Romance Story)

Linda Cajio

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Published by Transworld Publishers

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Format: ebook

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EAN: 9781448111480
Published: 9 Apr 2012


About the book


A Love Story You’ll Never Forget: Two moguls think that money makes the world go around — but in this classic contemporary romance from beloved author Linda Cajio, they’re about to be reminded that love conquers all.

When a stunning woman appears from nowhere to seduce industrialist Morgan Abbott, she shatters his steely composure and sends his pulse racing. Morgan has never felt compelled to make time for romance — until this mysterious beauty bestows a passionate kiss upon him before disappearing into the night. And when the temptress reappears in two other cities and again presses her lips to his, Morgan is completely undermined.

Cecilia St. Martin couldn’t be happier with the results of her prank. Distracting her rival while she buys enough stock to threaten Abbott Industries with a takeover is delicious payback for a loyal friend. But revenge is a dish best served cold — and kissing Morgan has aroused a fire deep within her. When Cecilia’s virile prey discovers her ploy, she’ll have to make a choice: conquer her darling enemy or merge her soul with his.

A steamy, sexy romance novel, and a love story you’ll never forget.

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About the Author

Linda Cajio has written twenty titles for the Loveswept imprint over the years, often naming her books after rock or pop songs. In recognition of her lengthy career, during which she also wrote books for Kensington and Zebra, she received a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award nomination.

Linda Cajio

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