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The Choice

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Published by Cornerstone Publishing

  • Epub

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EAN: 9781409099130
Published: 2 Sep 2012


About the book


Sometimes the choice is too hard to bear...

Nikki Grant is only twenty-one when she discovers she's pregnant. Despite her parents' disappointment and anger, she welcomes the news with joy. The baby will complete the happy home she shares with the man she adores, Spencer James.

Baby Zac arrives and is perfect in every way. And with Spencer's career taking off they are ready to make the big move to London. And then, on a day like any other, Nikki suddenly finds her life turned upside down by tragedy. As she becomes evermore embroiled in a world she cannot escape, the love between Nikki and her son is put to the kind of test no mother should ever have to face...

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What the critics say

A tear-jerker, and a perfect blend of passion, heartache and intrigue
- News of the World, 4 stars

Utterly compelling
- Sun

Beautifully descriptive
- Best

Well written with good characters and an original plot
- No.1 Magazine

Harrowing but brilliantly written
- Sun

About the Author

Susan Lewis is the bestselling author of twenty-three novels. She is also the author of Just One More Day, a moving memoir of her childhood in Bristol. Having resided in France for many years, she now lives in Gloucestershire. Her website address is www.susanlewis.com

Susan Lewis

More about Susan Lewis

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