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Beneath the Ice

Patrick Woodhead

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Published by Cornerstone Publishing

  • Epub

Format: ebook

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Available to download from 01 Jan 2015


EAN: 9781409023029
Published: 1 Jan 2015


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The brand new gripping thriller from the author of The Secret Chamber.

Two kilometres beneath the frozen icecaps of Antarctica lies a lake. It is the only one of its kind, the water unfrozen and perfectly preserved for twenty million years. Luca Matthews has been asked by his school friend MI6 officer, Kieran Bates, to lead a British team of scientists to the site to discover what secrets lie trapped below.

But Bates has secrets of his own. He tells Luca that the Russian station commander in Antarctica is part of a smuggling ring of weapons-grade uranium coming out of the former Soviet bloc. All Luca needs to do is insert a memory stick into the main computer so that MI6 can track all communication into and out of the base.

Luca isn’t so sure. He needs to work out who he can trust and quickly. Because if he doesn’t get out in just eight days, there will be no way out, and Luca will be stranded in Antarctica alone.

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About the Author

Patrick Woodhead is a young professional climber, who also runs White Desert, a company which arranges adventure expeditions to the Antarctic. When he is not in Antarctica, he divides his time between South Africa, the birthplace of his wife, and London.

Patrick Woodhead

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