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Why Don’t You Smell When You’re Sleeping?

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Published by Doubleday Childrens, part of Random House Children's Publishers UK

Format: Hardback


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EAN: 9780857530981
Published: 5 Jun 2014


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Did you know...

that a 'zyzzyx' is a type of wasp?
that the chances of being injured by a toilet seat at some point in your life are reckoned to be one in 6.500?
that the collective noun for giraffes is the very apt a 'tower of giraffes'
and that snail races start with the words 'ready, steady, SLOW!'

Amaze your mates and fascinate your family with these brilliant facts, and more!

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About the Author

Mitchell Symons was born in London and educated at Mill Hill School and the LSE, where he studied Law. Since leaving BBC TV, where he was a researcher and then a director, he has worked as a writer, broadcaster and journalist. He was a principal writer of early editions of the board game Trivial Pursuit and has devised many television formats. Currently he writes an award-winning column for the Sunday Express. Mitchell has won the Blue Peter Best Book with Facts Awards twice, for WHY EATING BOGEYS IS GOOD FOR YOU and DO IGLOOS HAVE LOOS?

Mitchell Symons

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