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Six Of The Best

Wendy Swanscombe

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Published by Virgin Books, part of Ebury Publishing

  • Epub

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EAN: 9780753543979
Published: 22 May 2005


About the book


A brothel that is a cathedral of fur; clinical doctors with intimate agendas; and a visit to a very special kind of sperm bank. These are just three of the six short stories presented here, which mix surreal debauchery with Sadean depravity.

Six Strokes is a twisted and arousing piece of erotic fiction from Wendy Swanscombe, author of Disciplined Skin.

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About the Author

Wendy Swanscombe was born in Devon and today lives in Brussels working for the European parliament. Writing erotica is, in her own words, a way of 'blowing out the dust and cobwebs'.

She is the author of Beast, Vamp, Pale Pleasures, Prize Of Pain, Disciplined Skin, Fresh Flesh, Sexual Heeling, Six Of The Best and The Island of Dr Sade.

Wendy Swanscombe

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