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The Handmaidens

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Published by Virgin Books, part of Ebury Publishing

  • Epub

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EAN: 9780753532102
Published: 14 Nov 2013


About the book


Tormunil can be an exceedingly harsh place for pretty young serving girls. Destined for a life of sexual slavery at the hands of merciless overlords, the chosen ones are taken to the Abbey - a place where strength is learnt through obedience to those who follow the path of the Twisted Cross.

Taken into this strange world, the young and beautiful Sianon and Iroise are allowed few privileges. Tormented to the peaks of pleasure, but punished if they seek release, their only hope of escape lies with the handsome young traveller who has fallen for their charms. If he can enter the Abbey unnoticed, he may be able to rescue them. But if he is caught, he faces an inquisition beyond the realms of his darkest dreams.

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Aran Ashe

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