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Sugar: The Grass that Changed the World

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Published by Virgin Books, part of Ebury Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780753510575
Published: 10 Nov 2005


About the book


Our lust for sugar has changed the shape of the world economically culturally and scoially. Sanjida O' Connell reveals, in accessible and scintillating prose, the extraordinary and illuminating story of sugar's journey from a grass to world domination.

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What the critics say

A timely publication...As the severity of the obesity crisis becomes clear, the truth about sugar is slowly dawning on the Western world - this, not salt or cocaine, is the white powder that threatens the health of nations.
- Health and Fitness magazine

O'Connell explains humanity's ancient and complex relationship with sugar in clear, sparkling prose... This is a timely study of the way in which sugar is affecting our minds as well as our bodies.
- Waitrose Food Illustrated

Sanjida O'Connell does for sugar what Dava Sobel did for longitude: make a gripping drama out of dry school lessons.
- Guardian

About the Author

Sanjida O'Connell

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