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The Official ARRSE Guide to the British Army

Major Des Astor

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Published by Bantam Press, part of Transworld Publishers

Format: Hardback


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EAN: 9780593065617
Published: 10 Nov 2011


About the book


How will we defeat the Taleban and bring peace to Afghanistan? What will the British soldier of the late 21st century look like? When will the next World War break out?

We're damned if we know, but if you want to find out what today's British Army is really like, then The Official Arrse Guide to the British Army is the book for you. Drawn from the wit and wisdom of the ARmy Rumour Service, Britain's biggest and most active military website, the Official Arrse Guide gives the inside track on all aspects of modern British military life. How do I join? Where will I be sent? What's the hardware like? What exactly is it that clerks put in staff officers' coffee? Why do the RAF wear uniforms? Where can I get a decent pair of boots? Is there any meat in an army sausage? All these crucial questions - and more - are answered in The Official Arrse Guide.

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What the critics say

Crammed full of information about the Army, much of which is irreverent and very, very funny... Accompanied by many excellent illustrations, this is more than a Christmas-sy joke book, and also contains much that is of use for anybody with a passing interest in or connected to the Army
- The Times

About the Author

A serving officer with more than 25 years experience in the British Army, Major Des Astor was commissioned into the 2nd Battalion the Loamshire Regiment in 1975. He has served in troublespots across the globe, ranging from Basra to Blackpool and as OC HQ Company of the Loamshires, he oversaw the merger with the Royal Blankshire Regiment and went on to serve as second in command of the newly formed 4th Battalion, the Amalgamees (Blankshire and Loamshire) (V) before their conversion to a TA RLC catering regiment. After a successful tour as SO2 G4 (Pest Control) in HQ MND (SE) at Basra International Airport, Des is now at the MoD, as executive officer for a project seeking to implement operational rat-catching protocols across all three services.

Educated at Badger's Heath College near Oswestry and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (where he passed out 247th out of 251 in the Order of Merit), Des now lives on the border between Hampshire and Wiltshire with his wife Fenella and their seven Springer spaniels. They have two grown-up children. In what little spare time he has, Des enjoys bricklaying and canasta.

Major Des Astor

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