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2012: The Crystal Skull

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Published by Bantam, part of Transworld Publishers

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780553824452
Published: 5 Nov 2009


About the book


2012. The date is set. Time is running out.

The ancient Mayans predicted the End of Days with uncanny precision.

But they also provided the key to staving off apocalypse: a flawless sapphire of incomparable beauty carved into the perfect likeness of a human skull.

For more than four centuries, the skull, and its legacy of dark intrigue and murder, have been hidden, protected by a code few can break.

Now it's about to be found.

But can we now uncover the secret that may yet save the world?

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What the critics say

Original, scary, rooted in the past but as current as tomorrow's nightmare. An enthralling read.
- Lee Child

About the Author

Manda Scott has met with teachers and healers from tribal nations across the world. She has learned that the ancient Maya were astoundingly accurate astronomers, and believes that we should take their prediction that the world will end on 21 December 2012 very seriously indeed. A veterinary surgeon by training, she has also written the bestselling Boudica quartet of novels which are available as Bantam paperbacks.

Manda Scott

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