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The Book Lover's Tale

Ivo Stourton

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Published by Doubleday, part of Transworld Publishers

Format: Hardback


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EAN: 9780385611565
Published: 9 Jun 2011


About the book


He collects books:

Interior designer for the rich and powerful, Matt de Voy lends his tasteful eye to the households of his wealthy female clients. He also advises on which books should adorn their shelves. His deep knowledge of literature becomes his sharpest tool of seduction.

He collects women:

Despite himself, Matt begins to fall in love with one of his most beautiful clients, Claudia. She is modest, clever and married to a nouveau riche husband who arouses in Matt a visceral and all-consuming hatred.

But is he a murderer?

Imagining himself a tragic hero from one of the Greek classics that obsess him, Matt's fixation on the unavailable Claudia threatens to drive him over the edge.

Set at the cusp of the City of London's financial meltdown, THE BOOK LOVER'S TALE opens a door into the extravagant world of the filthy rich, the smart and the debauched. This chilling encounter between old money and new, between the real world and the imagined, is also a moving portrayal of a confused hero's battle to know himself.

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About the Author

Ivo Stourton was born in 1982 and works a lawyer in the City of London. He is the son of the acclaiimed BBC Radio journalist Ed Stourton. His first novel, THE NIGHT CLIMBERS, a thriller about the students who scale the college walls of Cambridge, is being made into a film. This is his second novel.

Ivo Stourton

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