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A Gentleman's Wager

Madelynne Ellis

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Published by Ebury Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780352338006
Published: 8 May 2003


About the book


When eighteenth-century young lady Bella Rushdale finds herself fiercely attracted to handsome landowner Lucerne Marlinscar, she does not expect the rival for her affections to be another man. However, the handsome and decadent Marquis Pennerley has desired Lucerne for years and, when they are brought together at the remote Lauwine Hall for a country party on the Yorkshire Moors, he intends to claim him. This leads to a passionate struggle for dominance - at the risk of scandal - between the highly sexed Bella and the debauched aristocrat. Ultimately it will be Lucerne who will choose the outcome - and his decision is bound to upset somebody's plans.

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What the critics say

Explicit, romantic and flawlessly authored... A sizzling, refreshingly unconventional love triangle...passionate power struggles and absolutely searing bisexual sex
- Good Vibrations

...intense, subtle and heartfelt
- Erotic Readers and Wirters Association

About the Author

Madelynne Ellis is an award-winning author of erotic fiction, renowned for her chararacter-driven plots, authentic settings and bad-boy heroes. She is the author of Dark Designs, Passion of Isis and the linked titles A Gentleman's Wager and Phantasmagoria.

Madelynne Ellis

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