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Bradley Wiggins: My Time: An Autobiography

Bradley Wiggins

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Published by Yellow Jersey, part of Vintage Publishing

Format: Hardback


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EAN: 9780224092128
Published: 8 Nov 2012


About the book


On 22 July 2012 Bradley Wiggins made history as the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France. Ten days later at the London Olympic Games he won the time trial to become his country’s most decorated Olympian. In an instant ‘Wiggo’, the kid from Kilburn, was a national hero.

Two years previously, however, Wiggins had been staring into the abyss. His much-hyped attempt to conquer the 2010 Tour de France had ended in public humiliation. Poor results and indifferent form left him facing the sack from Team Sky. And then he was hit with the tragic news of the death of his granddad, George, the man who had raised him as a young boy. At rock bottom, Wiggins had to reach deep inside himself and find the strength to fight his way back.

Outspoken, honest, intelligent and fearless, Wiggins has been hailed as the people’s champion. In My Time he tells the story of the remarkable journey that led him from his lowest ebb to win the world’s toughest race. In his own words he reveals the personal anguish that has driven him on and what it’s like behind the scenes at Team Sky: the brutal training regimes, the sacrifices and his views on his teammates and rivals. He talks too about his anger at the spectre of doping that pursues his sport, how he dealt with the rush of taking Olympic gold and above all what it takes to be the greatest.

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What the critics say

Revealing and compelling... Events that we thought we’d seen from every angle are given a fresh twist
- Observer

Like the man himself, captivating
- Daily Express

It bristles with details of his sinew-straining dedication and the almost maniacal attention to detail that powers any athlete to legend status
- Sunday Express

It is the details that linger: the two-hour training sessions in a shed heated to 40C; the fanaticism about losing weight
- Daily Telegraph

It is the details that linger: the two-hour training sessions in a shed heated to 40C; the fanaticism about losing weight
- Daily Telegraph

A straight first-hand account of Wiggins’s path to Tour and Olympic glory
- Cycle Sport

Sporting hero Bradley Wiggins opens up about life on and off the wheels in this candid book
- Asda magazine

2012 belongs to one cyclist more than any other, Bradley Wiggins. His autobiography, My Time, like Pendleton's much helped by the choice of co-writer, in Wiggins' case the superlative William Fotheringham. Wiggins' story is unsurprisingly dominated by the account his book provides of what it took to become the first British rider to win the Tour de France. But in the course of telling the tale his image as an everyday hero is absolutely confirmed with all the necessary detail and insight both cynics and fans would require. He is truly not only a great athlete but a great guy too. No BBC hoopla or appointment at the palace is required to confirm this well-deserved status
- Huffington Post UK

charts his incredible feats this year
- Sunday Express

Covers not only the highs of the last two seasons but the lows
- London Cyclist

Compelling and often emotional account... Outspoken, honest, intelligent and fearless, Wiggins has been hailed as the people’s champion
- Yorkshire Post

A genuinely up-lifting read
- The Scotsman

- Irish Times

My Time conveys the most engaging personality of this almost comically unpretentious bloke, who never thought that Tour de France winners came from Kilburn
- New Statesmen

Who could resist finding out more about the sideburned new superstar of British cycling
- Daily Telegraph

Euphoria does not last forever and so the race is always on to ensure that the books is read for those keen to know of to re-live the spine tingling moments of triumph. My Time is not at all the worst of this kind of output. Indeed, it might be among the best...there is plenty of fascinating detail
- The Times

Give sports fans a glimpse into what it takes to win gold
- Closer

Fascinating...it covers most levels of Wiggins existence – cyclist, team leader, husband, father, son – during the most important years of his life, with the candour that has become his trademark...co-written by Guardian sports writer, William Fotheringham, who helps to tell the story in the direct but eloquent tone that Wiggins watchers will recognise countless radio and television interviews. It is an absorbing read that covers Wiggins’ career from his departure from Garmin to his latest Olympic success. Cycling fans will relish the horse’s mouth accounts of the triumphs they have watched unfold this year, while newcomers to the sport, attracted by the man’s performances this year, both on and off the bike, should find more to enjoy
- Road Cycling UK

If you love cycling, this makes a very welcome change from the rather saturated market of ‘cyclist doping confessions'
- Cycling UK

About the Author

Bradley Wiggins grew up in Kilburn in London. As a junior he won the World Junior Pursuit title before going on to win seven Olympic medals including four gold medals spanning four games, and seven World Track Championship titles. In 2012 he became the first Briton to win the Tour de France, a feat that Sir Chris Hoy described as 'the greatest sporting achievement' by a British athlete. He was awarded the OBE in the 2005 New Year’s honours list and the CBE in 2009. He currently lives in the north-west of England with his wife, Cath, and their two children, Ben and Isabella.

Bradley Wiggins

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