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Published by Jonathan Cape, part of Vintage Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780224089241
Published: 7 May 2009


About the book


Fluffy is story of unanswerable questions, love, despair, adventure and happiness. Fluffy is a baby rabbit who is being looked after by an anxious, single man called Michael Pulcino. Michael tries to make it clear to Fluffy that he is not his daddy, but Fluffy appears to be in denial. Michael is being pursued by Fluffy's nursery school teacher, and partly to escape her, he and Fluffy set off to visit his family in Sicily.

Will Michael escape her? Will Fluffy come to terms with the reality that he is not a human being? All is at least partly resolved in Simone Lia's utterly irresistible graphic novel.

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What the critics say

Lia's pages are innovative and varied... compulsively readable
- Guardian

Simone Lia transforms what at first looks like another of her appealing children's books into an unpredictable and reflective human drama, while never losing her childlike playfulness... The result is a unique parable about the loving bunny inside us all
- Daily Telegraph

A humorous, beautiful tale about love, anxiety and adventure
- City A.M

About the Author

Simone Lia writes and illustrates comics and children's books. With Tom Gauld, whom she met at the Royal College of Art in 2000, she publishes her own comics and limited edition products under the name of Cabanon Press. British-born Maltese, she lives in London and visits Malta frequently.

Simone Lia

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