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Close Your Eyes

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Published by Vintage, part of Vintage Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780099565758
Published: 1 Aug 2013


About the book


'Close Your Eyes is an astonishing book. It manages to be both clear-eyed and harsh, compassionate and just. It takes us right to the heart of the turbulent social changes that defined our last quarter century and it is a revealing, honest, searing novel about mothers and children, about what it means to be part of a family. The story, the writing, the moral intelligence: all of it is a knock out'
Christopher Tsiolkas, author of The Slap

In 1981 a mother abandoned her child and drove into the night, never to return. Her disappearance was reported in the press as a fatal road accident. Her body was never found.

Thirty years later, Rowan has a child of her own. Afflicted by post-natal depression, she is convinced that she'll hurt her daughter unless she unpicks the mystery of her past, buried deep within a commune in the remote highlands of Scotland. Leaving her young family and life in London, she returns to her childhood home to find a failed utopia shrouded in secrecy. And there, with a looming cult leader, among the rites and rituals, the sacraments and ceremonies, is a single postcard dated a week after her mother's death. As she draws ever closer to the truth about her mother, she fears she might lose even herself.

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What the critics say

The whole of Close Your Eyes is an admirable and intimate wrestling with the damages incurred by trying to heal, as Adorno once called modernity, 'a damaged life'...anyone wanting to read a wise, emotionally literate gauge of the burdens - and blarney - of alternative living should buy it immediately.
- Independent

In Close Your Eyes, Ewan Morrison carries off the compelling second-person voice brilliantly...the novel is beautifully set to a soundtrack of Rowan’s childhood.
- Times Literary Supplement

An insightful tale of a brave new world revisited.
- Sunday Times

Beautiful. Haunting. If Ewan Morrison was a woman, Close Your Eyes would be destined for the Orange Prize shortlist.
- Helen Walsh

A brave, sensitive, painful novel, Close Your Eyes is an alternative history of the last forty years, an exploration of the damage idealistic, well-intentioned parents can do to their children, and a reminder that it is sometimes the people who are absent who really fill our lives.
- James Robertson

Told with impressive skill... a riveting read.
- Observer

Close Your Eyes is an astonishing book... It takes us right to the heart of the turbulent social changes that defined our last quarter century and it is a revealing, honest, searing novel about mothers and children, about what it means to be part of a family. The story, the writing, the moral intelligence: all of it is a knock out.
- Christos Tsiolkas, author of 'The Slap'

Morrison is unsparing in the emotional ordeal he inflicts on both his protagonist and the reader, but his novel is always acutely and convincingly observed. It’s a telling and powerful study of the intersection between the political and personal (4 stars).
- Metro

A novel that deals with post-natal depression that is both sensitive and unflinchingly honest, Morrison's story explores the bond and limits of motherhood
- Stylist

Admirable and intimate.
- Independent

A fearsome read, it latches on and won’t let go.
- Independent

This is more than a psychological novel – it’s a page-turning mystery too.
- Evening Standard

Intense and brilliantly sustained, this is a powerful, moving exploration of New Age life.
- Guardian

- Big Issue in the North

Fantastic…skillfully done… A rivetingly, well-told tale (4 stars).
- The Skinny

Morrison's most accomplished book yet...a complex, thought-provoking and deeply ambitious book, and one that Morrison, now an exceedingly versatile writer, pulls off triumphantly.
- Glasgow Herald

Highlights include the page-turning pleasure of a well-turned plot, Morrison’s skilful crafting of character and dialogue and his confident handling of stylistic techniques.
- Scotland on Sunday

Morally complex, emotionally resonant – Close Your Eyes is a fine, fine piece of work.
- Big Issue

Mesmerising. Disturbing. Outstanding. Written with exquisite emotional perception, this is a tour de force from Morrison – the kind of book which comes along rarely but lingers in the mind long after the last page is turned.
- Daily Record

Often the sense of impending disaster makes you sick with nervous tension. At other times, Morrison creates calm from the most unlikely circumstances. In a book that is somewhere between Esther Freud’s Hideous Kinky and Jez Butterworth’s play Jerusalem, Morrison creates something both uncomfortable and beautiful to read.
- We Love This Book

This week we’re devouring Ewan Morrison’s new novel.
- Herald Magazine

Strange and beautiful.
- Herald

I found this a really gripping, moving read, brilliantly told in the first and second person
- Edinburgh Evening News

About the Author

Ewan Morrison is the author of three novels and a collection of short stories, winning a Scottish Arts Council Award in 2005. He lives in Glasgow.

Ewan Morrison

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