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The Girl Who Changed Everything

Rebecca Farnworth

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Published by Arrow, part of Cornerstone Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780099564485
Published: 3 Jul 2014


About the book


One man's deception causes havoc in the lives of the two women who love him... Perfect for fans of Adele Parks and Jane Fallon

When Honor meets Luke, it's love at first sight. After suffering from ME in her teens, she prefers to keep her life stress-free so she works as a pet sitter and sings in bars, and spends her life in the pursuit of happiness and contentment.

When Luke meets Honor, he sees her as his last fling before his marriage to Eleanor. After a difficult childhood as the son of immigrants, he is now a successful lawyer, and craves a stable middle class life.

Eleanor works as a radio producer, and comes from a traditional family. Her life with Luke entails dinner parties, weekends away and dinners at expensive restaurants.

Luke wants them both, and begins to live a double life. But as time passes, he realises Honor is far more than just a fling.

But when the two women discover each other's existence, events take a very surprising turn.

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About the Author

Rebecca Farnworth has worked as a celebrity ghostwriter. She lives in Brighton with her Husband and three children.

Rebecca Farnworth

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