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Cider With Rosie

Laurie Lee

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Published by Vintage Classics, part of Vintage Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780099285663
Published: 15 May 2014


About the book


Cider with Rosie is a wonderfully vivid memoir of childhood in a remote Cotswold village, a village before electricity or cars, a timeless place on the verge of change. Growing up amongst the fields and woods and characters of the place, Laurie Lee depicts a world that is both immediate and real and belongs to a now-distant past.

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What the critics say

Utterly captivating
- Four Shires

A classic of English literature
- Good Book Guide

[Laurie Lee] froze a moment in time for us. You don’t forget the language and he is wonderful at detail
- Daily Express

It has got a marvellous morning freshness. There is hardly a sentence in it that does not set the sense of touch and smell, as well as sight and hearing, tingling
- Daily Mail

Remains as fresh and full of joy and gratitude for youth and its sensations as when it first appeared. It sings in the memory
- Sunday Times

One of the great writers of the twentieth century
- Independent

An enchanting book, an exquisite farewell, not only to childhood, and boyhood, but also to an England that has vanished
- J.B. Priestly

He had a nightingale inside him, a capacity for sensuous, lyrical precision
- Guardian

Lee was a poet whose deft passage into prose carried with it much of the rhythm and accuracy of the poet's language
- Mignon Khargie, Art Director of Salon

A wonderfully vivid memoir of childhood in a remote Cotswold village... I defy anyone to read this and not long for a simpler life, and the carol-singing chapter always gets me in the festive mood. Totally charming
- Brighton and Hove Independent

About the Author

Laurie Lee was born in Stroud, Gloucestershire, in 1914, and was educated at Slad village school and Stroud Central School. At the age on nineteen he walked to London and then travelled on foot through Spain, as described in his book As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning. In 1950 he married Catherine Polge and they had one daughter. Cider With Rosie (1959) has sold over six million copies worldwide, and was followed by two other volumes of autobiography: As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning (1969) and A Moment of War (1991). Laurie Lee also published four collections of poems, The Sun My Monument (1944), The Bloom of Candles (1947), My Many-Coated Man (1955) and Packet Poems (1960) as well as The Voyage of Magellan (1948), a verse play for radio, A Rose for Winter (1955), which records his travels in Andalusia, The Firstborn (1964), I Can't Stay Long (1975), a collection of his writing, and Two Women (1983). Laurie Lee died in May 1997.

Laurie Lee

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