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Alms For Oblivion Vol II

Simon Raven

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Published by Vintage, part of Vintage Publishing

Format: Paperback


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EAN: 9780099272892
Published: 19 Nov 1998


About the book


ALMS FOR OBLIVION is a series of ten novels, all telling separate stories but at the same time linked together by the characters they have in common: soldiers and dons, men of business, politicians and writers. Full of hearty rancour, they form a scathing chronicle of the upper echelons of postwar English society.

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What the critics say

Raven has the mind of a cad and the pen of an angel
- Guardian

An extraordinary novelist...magnificent
- Mail on Sunday

A ready made cult waiting to be discovered
- Spectator

Confident, worldly-wise, insolently comic... a highly entertaining narrative style
- Sunday Times

Turn to Raven and revel in his mischievious, malicious world
- Observer

About the Author

Simon Raven

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