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We strive to be a good corporate citizen by actively supporting the local communities within which we work. Here are a few highlights of our charity initiatives:

  • Every year publishing staff vote to support a charity for the year and commit to raise more than £10,000 through various fundraising activity.  In 2012 staff has chosen Shooting Star CHASE and in previous years we have supported Freedom From Torture, Kids Company and Medecins Sans Frontieres.
  • We run regular fundraising events for charitable initiatives such as Comic Relief and Breast Cancer Awareness, as well as sponsoring individual staff in their own fundraising efforts. Our distribution sites run monthly book sales, with all proceeds donated to charities chosen by staff.
  • We operate a Give As You Earn Scheme for staff to donate to a charity of their choice.
  • We have a volunteering policy that allows all permanent employees entitlement to one paid day of leave every year in which to undertake volunteering activities and offer various volunteering initiatives which we encourage staff to get involved with:
  • Since 2006 we have worked with Volunteer Reading Help and primary schools across London, giving staff time off and training to help develop the literacy skills of children who either lack confidence or don't have access to reading opportunities at home.
  • We have a school governor policy, which allows staff to take paid time off to act as school governors.
  • Some recent volunteering activities include:
    • an all-day workshop on 'How a book is made' at Westminster Primary School;
    • a careers morning for 6th form students at Pimlico school to talk about the publishing industry
    • a 'Fun Day' for schoolchildren at Copenhagen Primary School in Kings Cross
    • mock interviews for Year 11 pupils at Featherstone High School
    • a careers talk at Lillian Bayliss Technology School
    • a trip with children from Kids Company to the Science museum
    • a 'Breakfast Club' at Lillian Bayliss Technology School, where volunteers read through the papers and discuss topical issues with groups of 13-15 year olds.
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