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Eden Project Children's Books is a part of Random House Children's Publishers UK

Eden Project Children's Books is an imprint of Random House Children's Publishers UK. Eden is all about man's relationship with and dependence upon plants. Much of our food, our clothes, our shelter and our medicines come from the plant world. Without plants there would be no oxygen for us to breathe, no life on earth.

The Eden Project is a showcase for all the questions and many of the answers. But Eden is not a worthy, over-serious, guilt-ridden place; nor does it preach. It is about education and communication of the major environmental issues of the day, always presented in an engaging, involving, even humorous way.

More than 1,000,000 plants representing 5,000 species from many of the climatic zones of the world. Many of these can grow in the mild conditions of Cornwall, others need greenhouses and that is where Eden's two gigantic Biomes - the biggest conservatories in the world - come in. In addition to the plants, art is central to Eden's messaging, and the site is liberally peppered with fascinating, thought-provoking works and installations.

Visit the Eden Project Books website at www.edenprojectbooks.co.uk


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